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Honda Brand of Japanese The Vezel Vehicles is the go-to minimized SUV for Bangladesh at this moment. It’s sufficiently little to stop in the entirety of our congested flat parking spaces. It’s sufficiently tall to handle our tremendous speed breakers and sewer vent covers easily. Furthermore, it is evaluated right, considering the measure of unit you get.

We’ve audited the standard second era Vezel previously (known as the HR-V in different markets). It radically transformed from the first egg container first-gen to a swoopy low-threw domain in high-obeyed shoes. The VEZEL HYBRID is outfitted with SPORTS HYBRID I-DCD, that joins a 1.5 L coordinate infusion DOHC I-VTEC motor with a high-yield engine to acknowledge overpowering high power and an elating driving inclination. The VEZEL HYBRID is the first among all Honda half breed models to be furnished with Honda's unique Real Time AWD, which controls torque appropriation to the front and back wheels absolutely through electronic control.

Honda propelled the T360 scaled down truck in 1963 to end up the last real residential automaker to enter the Japanese car showcase. A second model, the S500 sports auto, at that point emulated the T360’s example to shape a couple of vehicles outfitted with Japan’s first DOHC car motor and to make Honda’s presentation with a full supplement of our unmistakable advancement. At that point in 1964, Honda responded to the call of Formula One with the plan of sharpening Honda’s driving edge innovation at the apex of dashing.

From that point forward, Honda’s car business has been loaded with a testing soul for making new an incentive in each region including innovation advancement and assembling. What’s more, now following Honda’s 2030 Vision, Honda will endeavor to jolt 66% of worldwide car unit deals in 2030.
Scaled down truck, Honda’s first generation car

T360 highlights a 356cc 4-cycle 4-barrel DOHC motor with 44-carburetor situated under the floor and the greatest freight limit in its class. Later in 1964, motor relocation was expanded to 531cc(T500.)


The All-New CR-V impacted the world forever when it spearheaded the hybrid insurgency, and now it is ready to break new ground indeed. It’s the seven-seater SUV that can do everything, from a family trip around the city to an undertaking away. Presently another period starts for a definitive urban SUV with the presentation of a great and eco-friendly diesel motor. The All-New CR-V is Honda designing at its best.

This is the substance without bounds. The All-New CR-V will emerge from the ocean of SUVs with its greater body, to a great degree refined undercarriage, athletic position, imaginative highlights, high ground leeway, and intense motor.



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